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4 Ways To Use Special Events to Increase Traffic Online

If you own a site, chances are you would like to generate more traffic, and of course more advertisements (sponsors) on your page. you should consider using special events to increase your traffic online. Here are four ways you can do this:

  1. You should set up an event, which will engage visitors in a pleasant environment. Certainly, these events will differ, depending on the topic of your website. For example, if the main topic on your site is news, then you can make a reader’s corner, where participants send in a piece of writing, and you will choose the best. It is a competition style event, and the reward of course is that the participant gets to have his/her own piece of article published online. You could make this event on a monthly basis. Building up events, will definitely engage visitors even more, and your traffic will considerably increase.If your website is about beauty or something similar, you should see if you advertisers will sponsor a competition, for example the winner may get a free round of permanant laser hair removal
  2. The registration part on your website should follow simple steps. Nobody likes to spend half an hour with the registration process, where there are required mostly nonsensical steps to follow. The layout for the registration should be simple, asking for email, password and desired username. After this, the user enters his/her account where he has the opportunity to share even more information, if he wants to (share photos, post quotes, etc.). Then, they are ready to enter the online event!
  3. Advertising is the key. An online event will not be successful, meaning that you will have a very small number of participants, unless you use it to advertise in some way. For example, those registered users who opted for newsletter, will receive the announcement through email. The best tactic is if you will make a nice ad right on the landing page, announcing the event. Thus, everyone who enters the website will be informed about the upcoming event. You can choose among a great variety of events such as quizzes, online real time trivia games, writing competitions, playing games like mah-jongg or dominoes, and many other entertaining activities. Place your ad on any of these and get the benefit.
  4. Do not forget about the advertisers. You should always use a tactic that will attract the sponsor to your site. For example, make your call for action rhyme with the name of the sponsor. This way you will create a subtle link between your tournament, the sponsor and the visitors. In addition, you can also include the sponsor’s logo in the newsletter emails.
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