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Free places to promote your website… and why you should take advantage of them.

There’s no way around it. In today’s online-driven world, your business simply won’t last without an online website. So, whether you are getting ready to launch a new site, already have a design team working on one, or are simply gathering ideas for building your website, you want to know where to go for online promotion, right? Of course! And, as a business owner, with little capital/finances to work with, what better way to plug your site, and gain visibility, than by relying on free places to promote your website?

When the time comes to publish your site, these are a few places to post your site information onto. Not only will this increase visibility, it will also allow you to promote your business, and garner free word of mouth referrals over time.
1. Yelp –
No, it is not just a restaurant directory. In fact, it is a great place to promote your business for free, and to receive referrals from those who have gone to your store, or purchased a product/service through your online site. Make sure you respond to reviews and comments regularly. Not only so you can remedy issues (in the event a bad review is left), but also to show new/potential clients, you are a responsive business owner, who cares about the customer.
2. Angie’s List –
This is another great, free, platform you should rely upon when starting a website. Angie’s List is a comprehensive site, which lists businesses in local markets. From there, customers who have used your product or service, will leave reviews on the site about the quality of your services. This is a perfect way to build reputation, and garner attention from the local market where your business is located, to attract new customers. As the site provides reviews posted by local users, it is ideal for a small business, which provides a service, to attract new, local clients.
3. Merchant Circle –
This is a review-based platform, no selling here. Because of this, it is a highly respected site, and one which visitors truly rely on the reviews which are posted. Of course you want positive reviews about your business on the site, as this will attract new customers, and help you grow your business in the local market, for your specific niche.
4. Socialize it –
You simply can’t escape Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. These platforms are gold for any business owner trying to reach a local demographic. No matter what niche your business is in, you have to communicate and engage with current and potential customers. Using these sites you can promote merchandise, sale dates, and even offer giveaways and promos to your current customers. This is truly a way to socialize with your current customer, reach out to new/potential customers, and interact so you can grow your business over time.
5. Vimeo –
If you plan on posting videos on your website, this is a great way to share them. For promotional videos and presentation materials, not only can you include great content for people to see, but they can also learn about your business, without knowing your site exists. This will eventually lead them to your site, and help you grow a local following, in an attempt to grow your business locally.
There’s no way around it. As a business owner, online promotion, online reviews, and finding ways to push your site through various platforms, is the only way for your business to grow. More and more consumers rely on SEO/keyword-based searches today, when they are searching for a product or service in their local market. So, if they can’t find you atop the Google ranks, it is going to be difficult for people to find your site organically (through online searches).
As a business owner, this is where the power of free places to promote your website comes into play. Not only will this eventually help your site rank atop Google search engines, it will also allow you to promote, share, and communicate with local customers, at no cost to you. When you are just getting started, you need to find ways to reach the masses. These are a few platforms which are relevant, easy to use, and will allow you to reach more people, so you can grow your business in less time, and attract new customers with less effort.
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