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Twitter Marketing Tips and Techniques

Twitter is a manageable process that can be adopted for all types of lifestyles, busy or inactive. You just need to integrate it into your normal work flow. If done correctly then the rewards can be great. You will get into it and won’t be able to stop! The key is to make sure that that this great tool is put to its greatest effect and that you don’t waste it.
I thought it would be useful just to collate a few ideas and make a list of uses for Twitter both personal and professional.

1. Personal Branding. Twitter can be used to build your personal brand. It’s main benefit is that you can build yourself an approachable and personal personal persona. Twitter makes you more approachable and as new users begin to join, they will be more likely to contact you if you seem approachable.

2. Hire People. If you are in need of anything from a marketer to logo designer or web designer, just by posting a message saying what you are looking for gives you endless opportunities. Many businesses have now joined Twitter and will be looking for new leads on this new medium. This can be a very quick and effective way of getting whatever services you need.

3. Get Feedback. Need an alternative views on a new design you’ve created or a new business idea? Send out a message asking for advice and you’ll receive replies from other users. This can be very effective as almost all types of people are on Twitter so you may get some very valuable advice, for free!

4. Direct traffic. Twitter can be used as a great resource to get traffic to your websites or the sites of friends. If you ask your friends to tweet about it too, your message will spread extremely quickly which can drive organic traffic to your website. News spreads virally on Twitter so don’t miss out!

5. Read News.
People often tweet about the news and recent events. It can be used as a great way to keep updated about everything that is going on in the world. The great thing also, is that users come from all over the world so you can be kept up to date with whats happening at any moment in any part of the globe.

6. Make New Friends. Like all the other social networks, Twitter has the option to befriend users and allows you to follow their every Tweet. This can be used as a great new method to make new friends. You may also find people with common interests by looking at their tweets and be able to share valuable information between each other.

7. Business Communication.
Twitter can be used as an intranet and to link up between your co-workers. This becomes very effective where there are colleagues out in the field that want to get updated quickly.

8. Use it as a ToDo list. You can use Twitter to give yourself a note for when you return to your computer of things that you need to do. Mark your tweet as a favourite and be reminded of it when you next log in to Twitter. Another alternative is to use an Online task management service that is synced with Twitter. One example is Remember The Milk.

9. Event Updates. Businesses can use Twitter as a way of reminding people of an upcoming event or even changes/updates to a certain event. This is a hassle free of setting up a network that everyone can see. It is a lot more cost effective compared to other methods.

10. Communicate to Your Customers. You can set up a Twitter feed to notify your customers when a new product or service becomes available. Customers can subscribe via mobile or RSS for instant notification. Twitter can also be used for mini updates with your one-to-one clients.

11. Find Prospects. Twitter can be used as a way to find new potential customers via a method that you may not have used before. You can reach certain customers that your other marketing methods may not have done. You can do a search for keywords related to your product and follow users. Then you can tweet about things that are closely related to your products but discretion is certainly needed here!

12. Provide Live coverage. Twitter’s message size limits prevents you from giving detailed updates but can be used for micro updates. Providing live coverage of an event can be done by just posting a small quote or important sentence about what just happened.

13. Time Management and Analysis. Twitter can simply be used to keep a track of what you are doing daily. If you tweet about what happens in your day, you can go back and look at previous tweets to see what you have been doing with your time! You can even increase your productivity by seeing what activities you have been doing in the past and deciding what has provided you with the best results.

14. Set Up Meetings.
Twitter can help you organize meetups. You can send someone a message while you are out and about to meet up in a certain spot. This is a very informal and casual way of organising a business meeting.

15. Acquire Votes.
Send a link of your recent stories that you have posted up on other social networking sites such as digg. Then your followers will hopefully follow that link and vote on your story. This can be an effective way of increasing your overall coverage in your market and get peoples views from your specific niche.

I hope this has helped you find new ways to integrate Twitter into your everyday life. There are probably some aspects which I have missed out and please feel free to tell me what I have missed.

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