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Ways to Earn Money Online from Home

Wish to be Like Her?

Wish to be Like Her?

Do you dream about setting your own hours, working in your pajamas with a cup of coffee and your computer beside you? Do you want to work from anywhere there is an internet connection? I do. Here are some home based business ideas.

Some Definitions  A blog is a website that gives you a framework to post articles about the subject of your choice. Your subject can be anything that you are passionate about.  If you arent passionate you may give it up. Here are a few ideas how to earn money blogging or working online. Keep reading.

Affiliate Marketing  Set up your website add a product from a company that has an affiliate program. You put their affiliate link on your website. I am amazed how many companies will pay you to put their link on your website. You are paid a commission every time your link is clicked and the customer buys. You can have a few of these links on one site. Or you can have a few sites. Develop content that relates to your product or choose a product that is related to your blog.

Here is a site where you can get some free very basic information. He also has some affiliate links on his blog. http://www.smartpassiveincome.com.  Let me show you a site that will allow you to start classes for free. They allow and encourage you to set up two websites for free. Free legimate websites earn extra cash online for you. You can stay free as long as you are happy at that level. WealthyAffiliate. This is the best place to learn detailed affiliate marketing. It is free to start and they dont ask for a credit card.

It is probably a good idea not to overdo the number of  marketing links or banners on one blog. We are all wary of sites that look tacky as if they are screaming for you to buy, buy, buy. Google doesnt like them either. You could lose ranking for overdoing affiliate links.

Sell a Product – It may be something you make such as jewelry , scarves, cookies or even photographs. You could also sell a product that you buy for resale. This could be anything you can buy at wholesale prices. Dont forget to

Go in The Right Direction

Go in The Right Direction

factor in the shipping fees.

Your Blog  If  you already have a blog with a following it could be relatively easy for you to monetize your blog. Ad networks such as Google AdSense pay big money to place their ads on your site, and you’ll receive a payment every time a reader clicks and buys. If you place your ads wisely  it’s possible to make an income from your site.

Sites that let you work online  There are job sites you can sign up for to work online. Quite a bit of this work is SEO, website development and virtual assistant. Some of these jobs pay very little such as $2.00 an hour. A great way to start out on these sites is to take a lower paying job in order to build up a resume. Competition is tough as there are trained people in other countries that are willing to work for less. Two of these sites are ELANCE and oDesk.

Fiver.com is a site that lets you advertise a service for $5.00 or you can take a job that is advertised already on the site.

ClickBank  Commissions can be  high and there are more than 50,000 products to choose from. Signing up is free. Participating is not. There are several articles on their site that explain their way of doing business. Choose products carefully. And, you still must set up a website. Read our review here.

If you have the time and money and are looking for a degree there are several online colleges and universities that will teach you website design and SEO (search engine optimization). These are skills that are in high demand right now.

Many people are realizing that the face of business has changed. Have you looked up local restaurants on the internet? They all have amazing websites with telephone numbers, menus and directions.

Comments and questions are appreciated and answered.

Thank you, Pat

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