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Webbiy Website Builder-Latest Updates

We are working  overtime here at Webbiy.com to bring you the easiest website builder online. And also provide professional website templates for any business and quality USA support all in one place. We have made many updates in the last few months to provide the best experience possible while using the platform. Here are just a few of our new features.

  • We are now offering Paypal and Credit Card support. You can now checkout easily and secure with Paypal.
  • We also now offer more themes, based in many more niches. And will be adding new themes each week.
  • New faster servers and streamline dashboard makes it easy to find everything you need in a simple dashboard.
  • New and improved website editor sytem that is much faster and easy to use.
  • We now offer live chat support for customers needing help with there website or billing.

We have many new features we will be adding in the coming weeks like more instructional videos, design videos and themes, please stay tuned. More updates coming soon!

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