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What Tweeting Is Effective?

Tweeting, the same way as posting, is a controversial topic for advertisers, marketers, and SEOs. The main question is how often one should tweet (post) to get the best results from his/her social media campaign. According to a recent Track Social study of Facebook, increasing posting does not have a negative effect. What is about Twitter and tweeting? Let’s look through some metrics and give some practical advice.

One of the most important metrics in Twitter is Retweets per Tweet.  It helps demonstrate Tweet Frequency in connection with retweets. If a brand tweets only once a day, it is ineffective as the number of relative retweets per tweet is low. However, if the brand tweets from two to five times a day, the rate rises up to 300%. Twitter is a very quick channel, so one will have to take great pains to make his/her brand visible. But, it does not mean that one should tweet a lot: the Response per Tweet rate drops after five tweets a day. It means that the more tweets, the less is engagement. The visibility of tweets diminishes, and brand perception becomes weaker.
d perception but on the amount of brand’s interaction with its prospective consumers. In other words, it shows the expansion of brand’s marketing message. Despite the Retweets per Tweet metric falling when the brands tweet more, the Response per Day metric shows that the more tweets are tweeted, the higher is the Response score. These results do not necessarily mean that all brands should tweet a lot as some of them have campaigns based on better integration of tweets. However, other brands, which do not focus on response levels, should tweet more. The reason for that is simple: the more one tweets, the higher is the chance that his/her tweets will be visible in the feed. One should not forget that tweets should be relevant.

To sum it up, (a) one should not commit him/herself to low-tweet campaign; (b) response levels decrease with Tweet Frequency; they have impact on Tweet visibility; (c) Tweet Frequency should be monitored; the more one tweets, the higher response score will be; (d) content should be captivating and helpful to go viral.

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